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How To Democratize AI in Tableau, Qlik, Excel, Power BI and More

To fully exploit AI’s potential across the enterprise while minimizing citizen data science risks, organizations should democratize governed automated machine learning models in existing data analyst tools. After all, data analysts deeply understand your business and your data.


Implementing machine learning models in analytics tools used to require technical skills and programming efforts. That’s no longer the case. Explore how no-code ODBC/JDBC connectors, Tableau extensions and Excel add-ins for DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform simplify creating predictions in your favorite tools. It has never been easier to put the power of AI to work!


In this on-demand webinar, Jen Underwood, Senior Director at DataRobot, will unveil and walk through several exciting new DataRobot partner integrations including:

  • Excel Add-In for DataRobot
  • DataRobot What-If Extension for Tableau
  • ODBC/JDBC Connector for DataRobot
  • One more surprise connector - to be revealed live


Jen Underwood
Jen Underwood

Senior Director of Product Marketing, DataRobot

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