Data Scientist Productivity

Data scientist time is a precious commodity. Ideally it's consumed on strategic projects with measurable benefits, but too often it's used on tedious data tasks and simple projects. That's a recipe for data scientists to look elsewhere for more challenging opportunities.

DataRobot helps data scientists do more with less. We automate the time-consuming and repetitive data science tasks.

As a result, your team expands their skills and improves time to value. This "automation first" philosophy helps your team maintain quality and model governance, with increased throughput and job satisfaction.

Amplify Data Science Output

Expand Your Toolkit

DataRobot expands your team’s toolkit. We use open source libraries like R, Python, H2O, Spark, TensorFlow, and many others. Our data scientists review each technique and test it for accuracy. We tune and optimize each technique for good results. DataRobot builds hundreds of models and helps you find the one that best solves your business problem. With DataRobot, you work on the cutting edge.

Automate with Accuracy

DataRobot builds data science best practices into the process. It automatically partitions data for training and validation, and performs the best data prep steps for each technique. DataRobot also tests and ranks every model, so you can deploy the right model for your business need. With DataRobot automation, your team can trust the results and deliver better predictions faster.

Establish Trust

Your team needs to know how each model works and why a prediction was made. DataRobot leads the industry in transparency, offering many features that help everyone understand even the most complex models. With DataRobot you can see what drives each prediction so you can explain the rationale to novice users and their customers.

Working with DataRobot

DataRobot has the industry’s largest team of customer-facing data scientists (CFDS). Each CFDS has significant working experience with practical data science. The CFDS helps your team get started with DataRobot. A dedicated CFDS from DataRobot AI Services helps your team deliver value.

DataRobot University delivers comprehensive training to get the most from DataRobot. With training in multiple languages, DataRobot University has the ideal combination of streamlined overview courses and specialized training to help your team get things done faster.

DataRobot AI Services helps you define an AI Roadmap that details your vision. Roadmap in hand, you can focus on projects with the highest return and least risk.

See how DataRobot AI Services helps increase data scientist productivity