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White Paper

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Pandemic Response: Lessons Learned from COVID-19

In March 2020, the world was hit with an unprecedented crisis when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As the disease tragically took more and more lives, policymakers were confronted with widely divergent predictions of how many more lives might be lost and the best ways to protect people. They were making huge historical decisions based on very little information.

Recognizing the need to provide policymakers with accurate predictions of the spread of the coronavirus, DataRobot delivered an AI simulation of the spread of the coronavirus to the Department of Health and Human Services that soon became part of the ecosystem combating the pandemic.

This white paper reviews lessons learned from applying AI to the pandemic’s response efforts, and insights to mitigating the next pandemic.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Development of AI standards for pandemic models that will be used in future pandemic responses
  • Modernization of U.S. health reporting standards
  • Enablement of swift and safe innovation in rapid antigen tests