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One Platform for All Users

User experiences tailored for different AI creators like data scientists, business analysts and developers. Real-time dashboards and model management tools for AI operators and IT. Intuitive applications for AI consumers in the business community. All of this from a single and unified AI platform.

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End-to-End Automation

Accelerate AI using automated best practices for the entire data science lifecycle. AI-assisted data preparation tools and automated machine learning to prepare and build hundreds of highly accurate models in minutes. MLOps to deploy, manage, and monitor all your models in one place. Prebuilt apps to make new predictions and track the ROI of your AI use cases.

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Governed, Explainable, and Trusted AI

Tightly governed approval workflows and audit trails to deploy and manage your production models. Human-friendly visual insights help you understand and explain any model and any prediction. Built-in guardrails, automated model documentation, prediction warnings, and humility rules to inspire trust at every step.

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Multimodal Data

Don’t leave any of your data assets on the table. DataRobot can leverage traditional structured data from databases and operational systems, along with dialog in raw text, images, and geospatial data. If your data shows predictive potential, DataRobot can work with it, regardless of format or type. This is multimodal AI.

What you will see

An interactive product demonstration that highlights the powerful end-to-end capabilities of the DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform, from data to value.

We show you how to use Data Preparation, Automated Machine Learning, and MLOps to:
  • Quickly find, prepare and shape your data
  • Use Autopilot to build hundreds of diverse models in minutes
  • Easily evaluate, describe and explain your models
  • Deploy, monitor and manage your models and accommodate change
  • Use AI applications to make new predictions and understand ROI

Enterprises across the world rely on DataRobot

Companies across every industry leverage DataRobot’s leading Enterprise AI platform, such as:

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  • “DataRobot is an indispensable partner helping us maintain our reputation both internally and externally by deploying, monitoring, and governing generative AI responsibly and effectively.”
    Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas

    Vice President of Data & Analytics, FordDirect

  • “The generative AI space is changing quickly, and the flexibility, safety and security of DataRobot helps us stay on the cutting edge with a HIPAA-compliant environment we trust to uphold critical health data protection standards. We’re harnessing innovation for real-world applications, giving us the ability to transform patient care and improve operations and efficiency with confidence”
    Rosalia Tungaraza
    Rosalia Tungaraza

    Ph.D, AVP, Artificial Intelligence, Baptist Health

  • “DataRobot provides us with innovative ways to test new ideas. Given a problem and a dataset, DataRobot allows us to generate multiple prototypes 20% faster. And the process facilitates the learning evolution of our data scientists.”
    Diego J. Bodas
    Diego J. Bodas

    Director of Advanced Analytics, MAPFRE ESPAÑA

  • “The value of having a single platform that pulls all the components together can’t be underestimated. Then there’s the combination of the technology and the collaborative DataRobot team. If either one of those wasn’t there, I would have looked elsewhere.”
    Craig Civil
    Craig Civil

    Director of Data Science & AI

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