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Experience how AI can make an impact in your industry. Schedule a guided demo with a DataRobot Healthcare industry expert to explore use cases and accelerators. Learn more about how DataRobot’s trusted enterprise AI Cloud platform can help you deliver value and success to your organization.
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One Platform for All Users
User experiences tailored for data scientists, business analysts, developers, IT, and business users.
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End-to-End Automation
Accelerate AI using automated best practices for the entire data science lifecycle.
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Explainable and Trusted AI
Built-in guardrails, automated model documentation, prediction warnings, and humility rules to inspire trust at every step.
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Multimodal Data
DataRobot leverages traditional structured data from databases and operational systems, along with raw text, images, and geospatial data.

You'll see how to use Data Preparation, Automated Machine Learning, and MLOps to:

  • Quickly find, prepare and shape your data
  • Use Autopilot to build hundreds of diverse models in minutes
  • Easily evaluate, describe and explain your models
  • Deploy, monitor and manage your models and accommodate change
  • Use AI applications to make new predictions and understand ROI
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  • We see DataRobot as a competitive advantage in healthcare. How else are you going to improve quality rates, or drive down medical costs, or reduce member churn, if not AI? It's an obvious choice.
    Steve Prewitt
    Steve Prewitt

    Chief Analytics Officer, HealthFirst

  • We are using DataRobot to make some pretty huge decisions at Steward Health Care. It’s very much a part of our growth strategy. It’s uncharted territory for healthcare.
    Erin Sullivan
    Erin Sullivan

    Executive Director, Steward Health Care

  • Explainability is key in healthcare, and DataRobot's platform makes it easy for our clinicians to understand DataRobot's predictions and take action on those insights.
    Nathan Patrick Taylor
    Nathan Patrick Taylor

    CIO, Symphony Post Acute Network

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