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Continuous AI: Refresh, Retrain, and Repair for an Unpredictable Mark

Many organizations that recognize the value of AI has rapidly shifted gears from exploring it to exploiting it at scale to achieve maximum value. But at the same time, the risks are very high—AI can also fail and any system can become outdated overnight—and COVID-19 proved it. There are a lot of circumstances that you can’t control or predict. However, you can prepare for any scenario. Learn how to ensure trust in your production AI and be ready for anything that the real-world brings us.

Key Objectives

  • Learn more about challenges for production models.
  • Explore value of continuous retraining for production AI.
  • Learn more about new functionality such as Continuous AI and Challenger models.


Brian Bell Jr.
Brian Bell Jr.

Senior Director of Product, AI Production, DataRobot

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