Demand Forecasting in 2021 using DataRobot AutoTS BKG V2

Predictive Healthcare Analytics Democratization

The National Health Service (NHS) is the primary public health service of the United Kingdom. Working with DataRobot has enabled the NHS to use advanced AI to improve both their operations and the lives of their patients. Physicians, surgeons, nursing staff, and hospital administrators at all levels of technical expertise now have access to machine learning tools.

They use the platform to forecast demand for emergency services, determine whether a patient will readmit after elective surgery, and predict a person’s risk for hypertension.

Watch this session to:

  • Understand the importance of democratizing access to AI
  • Learn how DataRobot scales to the experience level of your staff
  • Hear an insider’s perspective on bringing enterprise AI to a large organization


Rob O'Neill
Rob O'Neill

Healthcare Field CTO, DataRobot