From Automated ML to Composable ML BKG V2

Model Monitoring at Scale

Machine learning models can easily turn into a liability when they are unmonitored. When a model encounters unfamiliar data in real-world conditions, the result is often inaccurate predictions. These unreliable forecasts undermine consumer trust, introduce risk to the business, and invite regulatory scrutiny.

That’s why consistent model monitoring is so crucial to AI success.

In this session, we’ll show you how to use DataRobot’s intuitive tools to standardize model monitoring and management, automate time-consuming tasks, and improve collaboration between data science and IT departments.

Watch this session to:

  • Scale DataRobot to the experience of all users— from data scientists to business analysts to developers
  • Evaluate hundreds of diverse models in minutes
  • Deploy any model to any production environment
  • Monitor production models from a machine learning operations system


Seph Mard
Seph Mard

Head of Model Risk, Director of Technical Product Management, DataRobot