Expanding the reach of Data Science with the Data Cloud BKG V2

Accelerating Value from AI with DataRobot’s App Builder

Bringing AI to your business used to require a complex (and costly) rollout that involved teams of data scientists, IT specialists, and infrastructure engineers. But not anymore. For the first time, any organization can quickly bring the predictive power of AI to their business.

Introducing App Builder, DataRobot’s intuitive platform that lets non-technical users develop AI Apps. In this demonstration, we’ll build an app live to solve a problem that’s familiar to any business dependent on a supply chain—handling late shipments.

Watch this session to:

  • Understand the many uses for AI Apps
  • Learn how to integrate DataRobot App Builder with your existing business data
  • Empower anyone to use AI to improve business performance


Colleen Wilhide
Colleen Wilhide

Product Manager, DataRobot