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Science at Scale: Accelerating AI Solution Delivery in Healthcare

In this session, David Ruau, VP and Head of Global Data Asset & Decision Science at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, talks about Bayer’s successful digital transformation journey and how companies of a similar size can do the same. One of the most important factors for this success: open, scalable, and reliable platforms that enable rapid development, deployment, and value creation.

Watch this video to:

  • Understand that digital transformation beings with a digital workforce, training and education, and a mindset change.
  • Learn the importance of data that's truly cross-functional and open-sourced.
  • Recognize the difference between project and product thinking.


David Ruau
David Ruau

VP Global Data Assets & Decision Science, Bayer Pharma

Sascha Stöhr
Sascha Stöhr

Sales, DataRobot

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