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Across the government, leaders are challenged every day to balance the public’s need for services with the directive to do more with less. Success at every agency hinges on the ability to deliver insights from data quickly. Providing services in this environment requires fast and accurate predictions.


Moving from BI to Machine Learning for Federal Agencies

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DataRobot helps the federal government derive insights from data by providing a platform for users from all skill levels and across the spectrum of missions and programs.

Now more than ever, officials from every government sector need to respond quickly to rapidly changing situations. Being able to use existing data to predict possible future scenarios is of utmost concern. DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform combines predictive modeling expertise, best practices of data science, and experience to deliver accurate, actionable predictions with full transparency and rapid deployment.

With DataRobot you will:

Improve cybersecurity

Security professionals use machine learning for faster intrusion, botnet, and anomaly detection; malware analysis; and fusion of cyber threat intelligence. Easily build predictive models that analyze network and user activity, learn about and adapt to new threats, and more effectively anticipate attacks.

Advance counterterrorism efforts

Analyze huge volumes of data with limited resources by developing, testing, and improving predictive models to identify risk patterns and risky activities. Identify locations most at risk and individuals most likely to be recruited by terrorist organizations.

Detect and prevent financial crimes

Build predictive models that identify and prioritize possible criminal activity. Reduce anti-money laundering false positive rates, increase accuracy, improve team productivity, and decrease costs.

Identify insider threat

Evaluate insider behavior and identify precursors to malicious or risky behavior. Proactively monitor, detect, and predict personnel that require increased monitoring or evaluation to prevent threats and security breaches.

Improve workforce analytics

Develop models that improve recruiting efforts, increase candidate quality, and reduce staff attrition. Improve the effectiveness of performance evaluation, professional development, retention, succession planning, and training programs.

Optimize logistics and predictive maintenance

Improve operational readiness and logistics management with real-time models that better predict material and manpower needs. Reduce failure rates and costs with machine learning solutions that better predict when aircraft, ships, and vehicles will need repair.


"Whether an agency is trying to predict fraudulent claims submissions, which networks are vulnerable to attack, or how to determine an insider threat that could put our country at risk, those answers should be delivered to leadership in minutes, not months. With automated machine learning, that is possible with lower cost, fewer resources, and greater efficiency than ever before."

Erin Hawley

VP of DataRobot’s Public Sector Business

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