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Across the government, leaders are challenged every day to balance the public’s need for services with the directive to do more with less. Success at every agency hinges on the ability to deliver insights from data quickly. Providing services in this environment requires fast and accurate predictions.

Embrace machine learning

Empower your data scientists
with automated machine learning.

DataRobot helps the federal government derive insights from data by providing a platform for users from all skill levels and across the spectrum of missions and programs.

Now more than ever, officials from every government sector need to respond quickly to rapidly changing situations. Being able to use existing data to predict possible future scenarios is of utmost concern. DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform combines predictive modeling expertise, best practices of data science, and experience to deliver accurate, actionable predictions with full transparency and rapid deployment.

With DataRobot you will:

Empower analysts

DataRobot perfectly complements analysts' deep domain acumen and problem-solving capabilities. DataRobot combines an intuitive web interface and graphical assessment tools, along with flexible APIs so analysts can work with the tools they know.

Enable collaboration

Analysts, contracting officers, program managers and other stakeholders work together on machine learning projects with DataRobot. Collaboration moves automated machine learning to the front lines.

Be transparent

With DataRobot, every step in the data modeling and analysis process is visible and reproducible. DataRobot explains its predictions by highlighting the most predictive result, so teams can choose the best model for their given program requirements.

Enable data security

Data security and data governance are concerns of both the federal government and private industry. We are able to distinguish roles and privileges according to users’ clearance levels so that whether you’re part of the agency leadership or a program manager, you only see what your clearance level allows you to see.

Work easier, faster, and more accurately

With the click of a button, build hundreds of models and experiments in minutes, not months, meaning you can provide leadership with actionable insights quicker than ever.

Be mission prepared

Political unrest, insider threat, network attacks - all of these need an immediate response and coordination of efforts to safeguard our citizens. Within minutes the most accurate and actionable insights can be delivered via the DataRobot platform. Wherever data resides - within C2S, GovCloud, on-premise Linux or within your Hadoop cluster - your mission has access 24x7 to make critical decisions.

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Whether an agency is trying to predict fraudulent claims submissions, which networks are vulnerable to attack, or how to determine an insider threat that could put our country at risk, those answers should be delivered to leadership in minutes, not months. With machine learning automation, that is possible with lower cost, fewer resources, and greater efficiency than ever before.

Erin Hawley

VP of DataRobot’s Public Sector Business

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