Turning Your Generative AI Vision into Reality

Guiding and accelerating the implementation of tailor-made GenAI solutions.

Accelerate Business Value

Leverage the full power of tailor-made generative AI solutions to generate impactful outcomes rapidly and achieve your objectives with speed and precision.

Mitigate Risks

Build a strong governance policy and a clear vision to harness generative AI benefits, effectively reducing exposure to risks and ensuring secure and ethical AI implementation.

Innovate and Scale

Develop and test generative AI solutions with choice and flexibility, streamlining the process for efficient innovation and scalable deployment.

How It Works

Over the course of 8-10 weeks, we will develop a governance framework, guide the design thinking process, and a roadmap for generative AI capabilities. Once viable use cases are identified, we will leverage the DataRobot AI platform to build, test, and fine-tune generative AI solutions tailored to each client, in a dedicated sandbox environment.

Key Deliverables

  • Generative AI Strategy and Roadmap
  • Governance Plan: Covers model management, ethics, regulatory risk evaluation, and test/evaluation criteria. 
  • Custom Generative AI model

About the Partner

KUNGFU.AI is a management consulting and engineering firm focused exclusively on artificial intelligence. We empower CEOs and senior executives to leverage the full potential of AI so they remain competitive in a rapidly evolving world. 

Our expert team delivers AI strategy and bespoke production-grade solutions that allow clients to rapidly realize value. We stand apart because we implement our AI strategies into production quickly, safely, and responsibly.


Solution Architecture

Full scale program timeline V2

Success Story


Since November of 2022 with the unveiling of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, firms across the globe have begun racing to deploy such capabilities. Understanding fact vs science fiction in such an environment is very difficult. Iodine Software, seeing opportunities for LLM adoption across the organization, sought KUNGFU.AI’s help in evaluating a roadmap of use cases and guiding them with responsible implementation.


Iodine Software came to the table with several different use cases across the organization. KUNGFU.AI Strategy and Machine Learning personnel engaged to unpack each use case, understand key goals and risks, and evaluate up to 7 different LLMs and their efficacy with the given use case.


Over the course of several weeks, KUNGFU.AI was able to identify and prioritize the use cases Iodine was considering, evaluating the technical requirements and ROI for each case. Using KUNGFU.AI’s LLM medical scorecard, the team was able to stack-rank available LLMs based on fine-tune-ability, use on HIPAA data, and more. Lastly, the KUNGFU team helped Iodine roadmap out the adoption of LLMs across the various use cases.

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