4ward Mining

AI-driven Adaptive Business Process Management

Real-time process analysis and prediction

EVACO Process Mining Solution is
an on-the-fly routine that analyses
a running process and predicts and
visualises timing and outcome of
the next process step and the final
outcome and its timing in real

AI-driven process control for proactive decisions

AI-supported process mining
enables data-driven process
control. EVACO introduces
adaptive business process
management and proactive
business decisions based on
real-time process data.

Real-time process optimization for all

Initiating follow-up activities on-
the-fly improves process results,
saves time and reduces errors.
DataRobot Process Mining is
applicable to any process and
any industry.

How it Works

The Process Mining Solution EVACO 4ward Mining predicts and visualises the next following and the final status of an operation in real time while the process is running. For this purpose, DataRobot ML extracts all information of logically linked process steps and the data traces of previous process runs.

All that is needed are 3 basic informations from upstream process steps: process ID, assigned
timestamp and assigned status information.

  • Process-ID: unique identifier of each new instance (depending on the process, it can be, for example, an order#, ticket#, customer number#, serial number#, etc.).
  • Status information: List of activities that a process ID can go through
  • Time stamp (date/time)

Based on this knowledge EVACO 4ward Mining determines, with DataRobot, and visualises the next step and the final outcome of a process in EVACO’s own QLIK® extension.

AI-driven 4ward Mining is suited to help customers from all industries make data-based business decisions on-the-fly by initiating measures in the ongoing process. This helps improving all logically linked activities, both internal processes and the interaction with external partners (suppliers, customers, prospects, IoT machine interaction etc.).

Use cases are: Purchase-to-Pay/ Procure-to-Pay (P2P); Order-to-Cash (O2C); HR Application
processes, Lead-to-Cash; Churn & Retention Rate, IoT, etc. EVACO 4ward Mining enables adaptive business process management. Ex-post reacting is replaced by a process-immanent, proactive optimisation. Potential problems can be recognised at an early stage and countermeasures can be taken.

Key Deliverables

  • ML Models in DataRobot
  • All process-relevant data available in Qlik® Extension
  • Visualisation in EVACO´s own Qlik® Extension* (* = optional)
  • Consulting- and Implementation expertise for DataRobot and Qlik®

About the Partner

EVACO is a leading provider of user-driven business analytics solutions in D-A-CH. The Duisburg- based company has specialized in the implementation of modern analytical systems and in technologies for Intelligent Search and Artificial Intelligence. The company’s goal is to turn complex data into knowledge – knowledge that provides customers with the basis for making easier, faster and better decisions. Customers benefit from over 20 years of expertise in a wide range of industries and exclusive partnerships with selected international vendors.

Solution Diagram

EVACO SolutionDiagram final

Success Story

Mid-sized energy supplier ROTH ENERGIE uses EVACO Process Mining to gain insights from data and optimize processes. The central system provides a structured overview of key information from ten service areas. Customer IT project management emphasizes Qlik’s user-friendly interface and the EVACO expertise. Introducing process mining has helped ROTH ENERGIE transforming from re-active data analysis to pro-active business process management.The applications cover sales, maintenance contracts, service stations, and various business units, using 44 Qlik Sense applications. EVACO Process Mining extension helps to review and optimize business processes.

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