DataRobot Announces New Generative AI Offering

August 10, 2023

Comprehensive Platform Capabilities and Applied AI Services Empower Enterprises to Drive Business Value with Generative AI

August 10, 2023 — BOSTON — DataRobot, the leader in Value-Driven AI, today announced a new generative AI offering, including platform capabilities and applied AI services, to accelerate the path from concept to value with generative AI. This offering uniquely brings both generative and predictive AI capabilities together in the DataRobot AI Platform, delivering an open and end-to-end solution for you to experiment, build, deploy, monitor and moderate enterprise-grade AI applications and assistants, and drive impact for your business.

“We’ve talked to hundreds of customers looking to adopt generative AI who have concerns about existing tools on the market, including security and reputational risks, vendor lock-in and mounting technical debt from piecemeal solutions,” said Jay Schuren, Chief Customer Officer, DataRobot. “With over a decade at the forefront of AI innovation, we understand what it takes to deliver AI successfully and safely. Our new offering gives your teams everything they need to experiment quickly, deploy in production, monitor to ensure quality and ultimately get value from your generative AI projects.” 

The new offering builds on the DataRobot AI Platform to accelerate your generative AI initiatives by unifying best-in-class components and providing critical capabilities in an open and multi-cloud environment, including:

  • Generative AI Models Extended for the Enterprise: Seamlessly integrate large language models (LLMs), vector databases and prompting strategies with your enterprise data directly within DataRobot hosted notebooks. With a code-first experience and pre-built assistant recipes, you can rapidly develop customized solutions that meet your unique needs.
  • Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Observability: Gain confidence operating all of your generative and predictive AI assets with advanced monitoring, management and governance. Measure what matters, from operational and data drift metrics to generative AI-specific metrics like toxicity and truthfulness, and ensure applications stay “on-topic” using use case-specific guardrails.
  • Easy-to-Build Generative AI Applications: Quickly prototype, build and deploy end-to-end applications and assistants to deliver a complete generative AI powered experience to business stakeholders and end users with just a few lines of code, using a DataRobot-hosted Streamlit application sandbox.

DataRobot is also introducing new generative AI services focused on end-to-end implementation of custom use cases as well as dedicated programming to upskill your workforce, designed and delivered by our applied AI experts:

  • Generative AI Training & Enablement for executives and practitioners, enabling leaders to quickly establish the level of generative AI proficiency that is necessary to remain competitive in today’s market.
  • Generative AI Ideation & Roadmapping Workshops for teams to go from use case ideation to implementation by systematically identifying and prioritizing high-value opportunities, and aligning leaders, data teams and stakeholders.
  • Generative AI Trust & Compliance Framework to support responsible generative AI governance processes and better prepare your business to meet existing guidelines and anticipate pending regulations.

DataRobot supports customers from all industries to solve real-world business problems with generative and predictive AI. “The generative AI space is changing quickly, and the flexibility, safety and security of DataRobot helps us stay on the cutting edge with a HIPAA-compliant environment we trust to uphold critical health data protection standards,” said Rosalia Tungaraza, AVP, Artificial Intelligence, Baptist Health. “We’re harnessing innovation for real-world applications, giving us the ability to transform patient care and improve operations and efficiency with confidence.”

Connecting Ford Motor Company with over 3,800 Ford and Lincoln dealerships across the U.S. and Canada, FordDirect leverages the DataRobot AI Platform to better engage and anticipate customer needs. “DataRobot is an indispensable partner helping us maintain our reputation both internally and externally by deploying, monitoring, and governing generative AI responsibly and effectively,” said Tom Thomas, Vice President of Data Strategy, Analytics & Business Intelligence, FordDirect.

“We are on the cusp of a major transition. Global organizations are excited about the possibilities to transform their businesses with generative AI while at the same time faced with risks ranging from hallucinations and toxicity, to governance and bias,” said Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice Global AI Research Lead at IDC. “That’s why AI platforms like DataRobot are critical in unlocking business value with generative AI and predictive AI alongside robust monitoring, governance, and a broad ecosystem. They create a competitive edge for enterprises.”

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DataRobot is the leader in Value-Driven AI, a unique and collaborative approach to generative and predictive AI that combines an open platform, deep expertise and broad use-case experience to improve how organizations run, grow and optimize their business. The DataRobot AI Platform is the only complete AI lifecycle platform that interoperates with an organization’s existing investments in data, applications and business processes, and can be deployed on any cloud environment. Global organizations, including 40% of the Fortune 50, rely on DataRobot to drive greater impact and value from AI. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn and X (@DataRobot).

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