The DataRobot Customer Engagement Model

DataRobot is not just a cutting-edge automated machine learning product. DataRobot's unique customer engagement model assures your success by providing products, services, world-class Customer Facing Data Scientists, and ongoing support you can depend on. Knowing where best to deploy and introduce AI is critical to your success — let us help you get there.

DataRobot University (DRU)
Customer Facing Data Scientists
AI Services
DataRobot University (DRU)
Customer Facing Data Scientists
AI Services

DataRobot University (DRU)

Regardless of your position — business analyst, executive, or data scientist — or your data science experience, we have cracked the code on a better way to learn data science. Enroll in one of our DataRobot University courses to kickstart your automated machine learning journey with our world-class faculty.

A new way to learn data science.

Traditional data science can be overwhelming. Complex subjects like mathematics, statistics, programming, and algorithms take years to master, with no guarantee that you’ll gain the practical skills needed to solve real-world business problems. DRU flips those traditional methods on their head by focusing on practical data science.

Curriculum designed by some of the world’s best data scientists.

Learn from the experience of these data science whizzes to gain practical techniques for accurate predictions and actionable understanding. Their best practices will help you make modeling faster, easier, less error-prone, and more successful.

Pair your new skills with our automated machine learning platform.

Because most of the technical work is automated by our machine learning software, DRU training focuses on other skills you’ll need to ensure success. This includes topics like scoping and framing data science projects and communicating solutions to others in your organization.


We are fanatical about support. Our world-class support organization has practical experience in supporting large-scale and complex mission-critical environments. We work relentlessly around the clock to ensure you can always depend on DataRobot.

On-site trainings and installs/upgrades/fixes.

Sometimes, issues just can’t be fixed over the phone or via email. When you need a little in-person care, or if you just want additional training to really expand your use of our platform, we’d be happy to schedule an on-site visit to your business.

Rapid response time.

We know how critical effective machine learning is for your business; that’s why you’ll never be left waiting if you need help with an issue. With an average response time of fewer than 30 minutes, you can rest assured that your tickets will be addressed and solved by a member of our dedicated support team ASAP.

Specialist knowledge uniquely tuned to your specific use cases.

We appreciate that every customer is unique, with their own custom setup and use cases. Our Customer Success team has the specialist knowledge to not only fix any issue you may encounter — no matter how uniquely complex — but also ensure that you’re set up for machine learning success.

Customer Facing Data Scientists

Working hand-in-hand with our customers, our unique Customer Facing Data Scientists (CFDSs) ensure you leverage machine learning quickly and efficiently. Experience is built solving real problems to immediately create value for your business. Together with our CFDSs, DataRobot customers gain:

Access to the knowledge, resources, and experience of some of the world’s top-ranked data scientists.

Our CFDSs are regular contributors to open source and domain experts, coming from all sorts of industries, including insurance, banking, healthcare, and manufacturing, and have practical data science experience solving problems in these fields.

A highly collaborative partnership.

Our CFDSs are accessible not only via email or phone for questions but are happy to do in-person visits to train your team and answer any questions you might have. We don’t believe in black-box support; you will know your dedicated CFDS by face and name, and they will intimately understand your business, its problems, and how to solve them through automated machine learning.

A “teach-you-to-fish” mentality.

We define success as self-service machine learning, where even non-data scientists are more than capable of undertaking powerful AI projects. We also understand that it takes time to get there. Our CFDSs will be by your side every step of the way until you’re ready to soar on your own.

AI Services

Want to truly go above and beyond in your machine learning journey? We believe that pervasive AI can fundamentally transform your business and directly impact earnings. DataRobot’s AI Services and Acceleration Packages are comprehensive combinations of services, education, and products dedicated to you and your business, to match your AI ambitions and organizational complexity.

Customized Packages and Solutions.

To ensure pervasive AI aligns to your ambition and scale, we will craft the right package for you. You’ll have a dedicated CFDS, customized training, and the correct software configuration — cloud or on-premise — that allows you to focus on results and leave the implementation detail to us.

Business-aligned education.

We want to help your business executives learn how to spot as many opportunities as possible for machine learning within your business and execute on them quickly and successfully. Our DRU course tailored for business executives will teach you how to have conversations that are essential to delivering results and challenge your data science team with meaningful, business-driven questions.

An end-to-end partnership.

We’re not just a platform; we believe in forming real, meaningful partnerships with our customers. We will work hand-in-hand with your team to solve your business problems through a multitude of use cases. With a dedicated data scientist and expert user of our platform on your team, we will maximize your potential and smooth your path to AI nirvana.