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The Harvard Business Review called being a data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century. Now imagine what they’d say if data scientists had super powers. That’s what DataRobot does.
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Sales (51)


DataRobot is bringing machine learning to the masses, impacting revenues across industries. Our Sales department is a group of highly motivated, technical individuals who are comfortable talking with everyone from analyst to a C-level executive. We can provide an industry-defining product backed by a passionate team of top engineering and support, can you bring the enthusiasm and know-how to close complex selling situations?

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Business (39)


The DataRobot Business Team brings an algorithmic approach to everything that we do in the organization—from product development, go-to-market strategy (GTM), marketing, sales, and client engagement. We are a data science driven organization, tracking high quality historical data, inducing a metrics and monitoring process, analyzing wins and losses, and finally, collaborating with all other functions to develop a winning business strategy. If you are an analytical problem solver and love to work with people across teams, come talk to us.

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Product (19)


The DataRobot product team is tasked with understanding user problems and behaviors, defining the product roadmap and vision, and driving agile software development teams. Critical to customer success is understanding how AI, an undelivered promise until now, can be of value to mainstream business. DataRobot Product is directing our machine learning development into a direction that transforms business outcomes.

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Marketing (25)


DataRobot is a fast growing leader, paving the way to the reality of AI. We recently stepped out of stealth mode and introduced the world to the capabilities of the DataRobot machine learning platform. Now we’re ready to shout it from the rooftops. Our marketing team has the energy and creativity to make this happen—do you?

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Data Science (35)


Our Data Science team is composed of people from around the globe united by their passion for predicting the future. From top Kagglers to engineers with deep algorithmic knowledge, we all love making DataRobot’s predictions better and faster. DataRobot is an ideal place to learn from the top Data Scientists in the world, and teach them a thing or two along the way.

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Engineering (175)


DataRobot Engineering is a hard-working, fast moving, fun-loving team of developers who put product before pride. Our team is flexible and adaptable. We genuinely like each other and work hard to make sure that we all succeed, both for individual and company success, because we believe that one doesn’t happen without the other.

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Operations (3)
Customer Success (9)

Think machine learning is cool?
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What we do

At DataRobot, we’re all about growth. We help businesses gain customer insights and encourage employees to expand their tool set and challenge boundaries of learning. If you want to work with the world’s most talented data scientists, engineers, and thought leaders – if you want to contribute to the data revolution – talk to us.

What we look for

We don’t care where you went to school. We’re looking for people who learn quickly, build fast, and thrive under pressure. At DataRobot, we think and work globally, striving to wow our co-workers while building genuine friendships.

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Our core values

  • Wow your coworkers #1

    Wow your coworkers

  • Work smarter and harder #2

    Work smarter and harder

  • Build genuine friendships with your coworkers #3

    Build genuine friendships with your coworkers

  • Be scientific #4

    Be scientific

  • Embrace failure and learn from it #5

    Embrace failure and learn from it

  • Always be developing yourself #6

    Always be developing yourself

  • Provide fanatical support to customers and users #7

    Provide fanatical support to customers and users

  • Ensure happiness & productivity of your colleagues #8

    Ensure happiness & productivity of your colleagues

  • Over-communicate #9


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