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Be at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We invented the automated machine learning category, and we intend to keep reinventing it.
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Our mission

Our mission is to change the way businesses all over the world make their most important decisions. And we’re realizing that vision by delivering powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that are relevant and accessible to all.

As a DataRobot employee, you will be part of a company whose mission is clear—to change outcomes for organizations all over the world. From banking to insurance to healthcare, we’re at the forefront of the AI revolution. And we need other revolutionaries to join us.

What’s different about working at DataRobot?

We move fast and reward hard work. We expect results, and we love doing the work we’re passionate about.

This also means that our employees have a voice in what we do here, continually challenging and supporting each other to find better, more robust solutions for our customers and partners. After all, it’s our customers that make us tick. They drive us to find new solutions to problems and to go above and beyond in our quest for excellence in the customer experience.

But we don’t forget to have fun along the way. We genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together at company outings and at our daily in-house lunches. We support each other’s philanthropic causes and cheer for each other in our various sports leagues.


We’re global. Many of our employees travel to one of our many international offices in order to collaborate with our world-class teams. We look forward to any opportunity to get together and switch up our routines, because we know that’s how the best ideas are brought to the table.

Ours is a purpose-driven environment. We value commitment over complacency, leaning into challenges rather than accepting the status quo. We’re driven to succeed in a way that requires a strong work ethic and personal dedication. We work hard and it’s not for everyone, but the rewards are great. We’re focused on our goals, motivated by our colleagues, and driven to build AI solutions that are set to change industries for decades to come.

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Our Core values

  • Wow Your Coworkers

  • Work Super Hard

  • Ensure Happiness, Productivity, and Alignment of your Coworkers

  • Resist Folklore. Do it better & different

  • Don't let employees & customers suffer and die while you discuss things in committee. Act with urgency

  • Be #1 in End-to-End Customer Experience

  • Be AI-Driven

  • Always Be Developing the Next Version of Yourself

  • Own Your Failures. Don't Let Them Own You

  • Build Sincere Friendships, Even When It's Hard

  • Understand, Qualify, Commit, and Deliver the Customer's Vision for Success

  • Overcommunicate

  • Be Scientific, Measure What Matters


As a DataRobot employee, you will be part of a company whose mission is clear—to change outcomes for organizations all over the world.

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DataRobot is dedicated to helping businesses transform themselves through AI. Our Business team ensures that our customers have everything they need to succeed.

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Customer Success

Our product has the power to transform industries, and our Customer Success team members are on the front lines of this transformation, offering knowledge and expertise to our customers.

Currently no open positions
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Bringing our message to the world requires the thoughtful and knowledgeable skills of smart marketing pros. We’re ready for the challenge. Are you?

Currently no open positions
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If you’re passionate about office management, accounting, legal, IT, information security, or guest experience, our Operations teams could be your home.

Currently no open positions
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Product & Customer Experience

DataRobot’s Product and Customer Experience team is defining the vision and strategy for the hottest product in the hottest field in today’s marketplace.

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DataRobot R&D is a hard-working, fast-moving, fun-loving team of developers who put products before pride.

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The DataRobot Revenue team has a powerful impact on the bottom line — both for our own company and for our clients who see extraordinary ROI from our products.

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Major Offices

DataRobot offices are located all over the world. We also have team members all over the world who work remotely.

  • Boston, MA, USA

    As the headquarters for DataRobot, our Boston office is home to several hundred people who work in Engineering, QA, Data Science, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Customer Success.

    Currently no open positions
  • Columbus, OH, USA

    Our Columbus office has grown due to acquisition, and we expect it to be a strategic location for future growth of the company, especially in R&D.

    Currently no open positions
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

    Our Copenhagen office is a strategic office for R&D growth within the company.

    Currently no open positions
  • Denver, CO, USA

    In our Denver office, we anticipate lots of growth in our R&D department.

    Currently no open positions
  • Kyiv, Ukraine

    Our Kyiv office is the second biggest office outside of Boston, representing all company functions with R&D being the largest group.

    Currently no open positions
  • London, UK

    Our London offices houses our European headquarters, including Business Development, Sales, and Marketing.

    Currently no open positions
  • Lviv, Ukraine

    We have a lot of bright data science talent in our Lviv office, and we anticipate that it will become our second biggest hub for R&D in Ukraine.

    Currently no open positions
  • Madrid, Spain

    Our Madrid office includes Business Development, Sales and Customer Facing Data Scientists.

    Currently no open positions
  • Minsk, Belarus

    Our Minsk office is one of our strategic locations for growth and an R&D center.

    Currently no open positions
  • Munich, Germany

    Our Munich office is a strategic office for R&D growth within the company.

    Currently no open positions
  • New York, NY, USA

    Our New York office is mostly sales-oriented, including mostly Account Executives and Customer-Facing Data Scientists.

    Currently no open positions
  • San Francisco, CA, USA

    Our San Francisco team is a strong hub for business development that has grown recently due to acquisition of another company. We look forward to this office being a strategic place for R&D growth.

    Currently no open positions
  • São Paulo, Brazil

    Our São Paolo office is oriented towards Business Development, Sales, and Marketing, and we expect it to become a major hub in Brazil.

    Currently no open positions
  • Singapore, Singapore

    As our Asia-Pacific headquarters, we have all functions represented in Singapore, including R&D and Operations.

    Currently no open positions
  • Sydney, Australia

    Our Sydney offices include Business Development, Sales, and Customer-Facing Data Scientists.

    Currently no open positions
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

    Our Tel Aviv office is another strategic place for growth in R&D as well as in other fields.

    Currently no open positions
  • Tokyo, Japan

    As headquarters for our Japan operations, all functions are represented in Tokyo except for R&D.

    Currently no open positions
  • Washington DC, USA

    Our Washington office is home to our Public Sector team that works closely with all of our U.S. government accounts.

    Currently no open positions

A few of the perks of working at DataRobot

We believe in taking care of our employees, check out some of the amenities you will receive after you join the team.


Top-notch medical, dental, and commuter benefits. We even offer pet insurance for your furry friends.

Flexible time off

We trust you to take the time you need when you feel it is appropriate, given your workload and responsibilities. No need to track it or save up.

A world-class team

London. Tokyo. Singapore. Ukraine. Sydney. Munich. Our work is global, and so are our offices.

We invest in you

We’re at the top of our industry because of our employees. They’re the best investment we can make, and we never forget that.

Company outings

We’re always up for fun, and if we can get out of the office and have fun together, all the better. Our summer outings and holiday parties make for great memories.

Open door policy

Ideas come first. If you feel inspired with a new idea, our management team wants to hear about it.

Travel around the world

On any given day, our employees can be found on just about every continent. We're excited to bring AI to the world, and we do that by attending events, speaking at conferences, and meeting one-on-one with clients.

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We invented the automated machine learning category, and we intend to keep reinventing it.