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Introducing the Latest Advancements in AI Experimentation with Generative AI at DataRobot Summer Launch

The future of AI is not just about speed but accessibility. That’s why we’ve created a cutting-edge suite of tools and functionalities that can revolutionize your business. At DataRobot, we’ve been working hard over the summer to bring you something truly special. We’re thrilled to introduce our Summer Launch, packed with innovative capabilities in AI experimentation and generative AI. 

Whether you’re a CIO steering the company’s tech strategy, a CDO managing large datasets, or an AI builder creating the next big thing, we’ve got something for you. Our advancements provide unparalleled opportunities to transform your AI initiatives and take your data teams to new heights. You can now extract real value from your AI investments like never before.

Let’s explore the key highlights from our Summer Launch in AI experimentation:

1. Transforming AI Experimentation

Time is our most valuable asset. And unfortunately, we can’t always focus on more innovative tasks. Now you can tap into automation for the routine or simple aspects of your work and free up time for more challenging and creative problem solving.

Prepare Modeling Data: Our platform simplifies the data preparation process like magic. With automation and advanced operations, you can quickly discover, test, and create quality data. Say goodbye to tedious data clean-up tasks, and watch how our platform optimizes your data and outcome for better performance.

Augment Modeling Data with Deep Learning: We’ve taken feature engineering to a new level. Auto-create thousands of features effortlessly with our model blueprints, all customized to incorporate your unique tasks. With the advent of generative AI, this now includes popular models for text and visual embeddings like RoBERTa, TinyBert, and MiniLM.

2. Versatile and Customizable Solutions for Generative and Predictive AI

Ever felt boxed in by limited tools that don’t accommodate your diverse development needs? ‘Build Your Way’ is not just a motto. It’s our promise. And it’s not limited to just predictive or generative AI use cases.

Build Your Way: From pre-generated and customized models to building by yourself with our advanced hosted notebooks, we’ve got you covered. Our platform fosters collaboration between code-first data scientists and low-code users, catering to diverse business needs.

Tackle Any AI Challenge: Our AI Platform supports various data types and challenges, from question answering to time series forecasting. Now you have the freedom to tackle any generative or predictive AI challenge.

3. Empowering AI Builders with Code-First Templates, Generative AI, and Deep Learning

Are you tired of jumping between tools and platforms to develop your AI projects? Do complex integrations and a lack of customizable solutions slow you down? We understand the challenges you face.

Deliver on Any Use Case: Our Notebooks empower you to create end-to-end code-based solutions, encompassing everything from generative AI and knowledge bases to predictive models. Seamlessly take your AI workflows from experimentation all the way to production.

Explore a Comprehensive Developer Playground: Looking to jumpstart your AI projects? We offer code-first templates and integrations you can borrow, customize, and make your own. These include AI Accelerators, templates for deploying DataRobot-developed capabilities to customized Streamlit apps, DataRobotX extensions, and Azure OpenAI integrations. Benefit from automated code generation, enriched data, insights, and optimization to quickly inspire your next project.

Harness Deep Learning Power: Conquer unstructured data challenges with our advanced deep learning capabilities. Foundation Models are now at your fingertips for preprocessing text-based tasks. Additionally, our platform seamlessly handles PDF ingestion and offers integration with Hugging Face models. Leverage OCR capabilities to model on scanned documents with just a click of a button.

Ready to ramp up your AI experimentation? Visit our Summer Launch page to watch the recordings and get started with DataRobot. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

On-Demand: DataRobot Summer ’23 Launch
Powering Generative and Predictive AI from Vision to Value
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About the author
Atalia Horenshtien
Atalia Horenshtien

AI/ML Lead - Americas Channels, DataRobot

Atalia Horenshtien is a Global Technical Product Advocacy Lead at DataRobot. She plays a vital role as the lead developer of the DataRobot technical market story and works closely with product, marketing, and sales. As a former Customer Facing Data Scientist at DataRobot, Atalia worked with customers in different industries as a trusted advisor on AI, solved complex data science problems, and helped them unlock business value across the organization.

Whether speaking to customers and partners or presenting at industry events, she helps with advocating the DataRobot story and how to adopt AI/ML across the organization using the DataRobot platform. Some of her speaking sessions on different topics like MLOps, Time Series Forecasting, Sports projects, and use cases from various verticals in industry events like AI Summit NY, AI Summit Silicon Valley, Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), and partners events such as Snowflake Summit, Google Next, masterclasses, joint webinars and more.

Atalia holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering and management and two Masters—MBA and Business Analytics.

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Minna Xiao

Principal Product Manager, DataRobot

Minna Xiao is a Principal Product Manager working on DataRobot Notebooks and code-first experiences.

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Kian Kamyab
Kian Kamyab

Senior Product Manager, DataRobot

Kian Kamyab is a Senior Product Manager at DataRobot. He honed his customer empathy and analytical edge as an Executive Director at SAP’s New Ventures and Technologies group, a Senior Data Scientist at an enterprise software venture studio, and a founding team member of a James Beard award-nominated cocktail bar. When he’s not crafting AI/ML products that solve real world problems, he’s handcrafting furniture and exploring the woods in and around San Francisco.

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Nathaniel Daly
Nathaniel Daly

Senior Product Manager, DataRobot

Nathaniel Daly is a Senior Product Manager at DataRobot focusing on AutoML and time series products. He’s focused on bringing advances in data science to users such that they can leverage this value to solve real world business problems. He holds a degree in Mathematics from University of California, Berkeley.

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