DataRobot’s AI for Health Incubator

DataRobot invites entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, colleges, universities, and non-profits to participate in the DataRobot AI for Health Incubator.

This program is now closed to new applications

AI is set to solve for thousands of health and healthcare use cases. The data is there and growing and the systems required to process this data are emerging, and that’s where DataRobot wants to come in. We want to be at the forefront of the democratization of healthcare and the democratization of health making both accessible, trusted, and equitable.

DataRobot is announcing a new initiative, the DataRobot AI for Health Incubator, that invites entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, colleges, universities, and non-profits to develop and deploy novel solutions for the health and healthcare market.

We are particularly interested in supporting projects that have a direct impact on patient populations and can improve long-term health outcomes. The focus is on opportunities that augment, find and present, assist, and/or automate within the healthcare system.

We are opening up our application process on May 11th to teams and companies who are taking on exciting health and healthcare challenges and want to utilize the DataRobot platform. We are accepting submissions through June 11th. The winner will receive 1-year of access to the DataRobot platform and 6 months of hands-on support from our customer success teams. 

By supporting healthcare ideas and initiatives early in the process, DataRobot wants to partner with you to develop the next generation of health solutions and collaborate on deploying and tracking these models over time to understand their long-term impact.

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