The Future of Chronic Diseases

Chase Spurlock and Julia Polk, the CEO and CSO at Decode Health paint the picture of how and why AI can impact healthcare like never before.

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Chase Spurlock

CEO, Decode Health

Chase Spurlock, CEO of Decode Health, is focused on the use of machine learning approaches to solve chronic disease problems. He has a PhD from Vanderbilt and serves on boards that are focused on delivery of healthcare services, secondary education, and promotion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses in Tennessee schools. Dr. Spurlock is also an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and NYU.

Julia Polk Headshot
Julia Polk

Chief Strategy Officer, Decode Health

Julia Polk, Chief Strategy Officer at Decode Health, has over 35 years of experience in finance and leadership roles inside early stage companies. She also is a Board Member of Launch Tennessee and many startups.

rnWe look, on the chronic disease side, at three risk buckets — patients that are heading towards a diagnosis, patients that are misdiagnosed, and then patients that are about to experience an adverse event.rn
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Decode screenshot 1

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Decode screenshot 2
For Decode, one of the big datasets that we’ve amassed … is the social determinants of health, and being able to map those community levels of demographics, living conditions, access to food, access to transportation. Those features that are outside of the clinical narrative play a big piece in determining outcomes.

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Ben Taylor

Chief AI Evangelist, DataRobot

Taylor started working for Intel/Micron in semiconductor where he spent 5 years. After that, he worked for a hedge fund as a quantitative analyst before joining Sequoia-backed HireVue as their Chief Data Scientist. Taylor co-founded in 2017 which was acquired by DataRobot in 2020.
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