Heroes of the intelligence revolution

AI Heroes have helped their companies become more innovative, serve their customers better, collaborate more effectively with their partners, and improve the world in meaningful ways. Anyone can become a hero across any business function.

  • rogerio
    Rogerio Pedral
    System and Automation Manager, Lenovo
    Rogerio has over twenty years’ experience in technology, starting with Motorola’s Mobile Device practice and currently with Lenovo’s Brazil operations. He has led several innovative and transformative initiatives for Lenovo, one of the world’s largest technology companies with $45 billion revenue.
  • 2
    Brad Boehmke
    Director of Data Science, 84.51° (Kroger)
    Brad has helped 84.51° leverage AI to better engage with their customers in a personalized manner for each of their 60 million households. 84.51° is a data and marketing company owned and operated by Kroger, the fifth largest retailer in the world and second largest supermarket company in the world.
  • Megan Oftedal
    Megan Oftedal
    Senior Data Scientist, American Fidelity
    Megan is an AI Hero, driving AI democratization by improving accessibility to AI tools for Citizen Data Scientists at her company.

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