DataRobot’s webinars educate and illustrate upon various aspects of data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and automated machine learning. Webinars are led by rotating members of the DataRobot team and a variety of customers & business partners.


Moving from BI to Automated Machine Learning

Wednesday, October 18, 1:00 pm ET

Machine Learning has become a competitive differentiator in a big data world. Vast amounts of data are already overwhelming existing BI tools and analytics processes. When faced with hundreds of variables, a human’s ability to efficiently identify new insights or detect changing patterns manually has also been exceeded. To address these challenges, BI and analytics professionals are adopting user-friendly, automated machine learning solutions.

 In this webinar, recognized analytics industry expert Jen Underwood will discuss how BI and analytics professionals can get started with machine learning automation. We will cover:

  • An Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Popular Machine Learning Use Cases
  • CRISP-DM Methodology
  • Common Algorithms: Regression, Clustering, Classifiers, and more
  • How to Get Started with Automated Machine Learning

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The Fast Path to Success with AI

Learn how industry leaders are generating ROI with AI

Thursday, October 26. 1:00 pm ET

Across industries, AI is transforming business. The organizations that harness the power of their data will overwhelm competitors who do not. Unfortunately, while business leaders know AI is essential to long-term success, they lack the familiarity with these kinds of solutions to successfully execute. What’s more, the data scientists needed to build AI solutions are in short supply and high demand.

The good news is that advanced AI technologies like automated machine learning bring AI into reach for everyone. With these tools and technologies, most companies will make progress without hiring data scientists and without expensive training. These advanced tools make it possible for almost anyone to build predictive models without writing a single line of code or having deep knowledge of the algorithms.

In this webinar, Greg Michaelson, PhD, and Head of DataRobot Labs, will review the practical first steps an organization takes towards becoming an AI-driven enterprise and remaining competitive in the coming years.

You will discover how to:

  • Train users across your organization – including business leaders – to spot AI opportunities
  • Systematically identify the opportunities best suited for accelerating your company’s AI efforts and offering the highest ROI
  • Quickly experience AI success with small, successful projects comprised of the people and data you have today
  • Get AI implementation right the first time

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