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On-Demand Webinar

Move Past Your Generative AI Inertia: Leverage Your Predictive Foundations

Organizations across industries are already getting started with generative AI and seeing initial value. However, most still struggle to stand up generative AI initiatives due to the lack of organizational alignment and necessary technical knowledge.

In fact, in an IDC White Paper, sponsored by Microsoft, The Business Opportunity of AI, 52% of organizations surveyed reported that a lack of skilled workers is a barrier to implementing AI, making it the biggest barrier cited.

DataRobot is here to help you break down those barriers with a new, exciting service offering.

In this webinar, Justin Swansburg, VP Applied AI Experts, and Josh Geron, AI Success Director, share real-world insights on the obstacles organizations face when implementing and driving real value from generative AI.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Common barriers to implementing generative AI initiatives
  • How DataRobot customers can build off their existing predictive foundations to accelerate their generative AI initiatives
  • How DataRobot can help you jumpstart your generative AI journey with our new Generative AI Catalyst Program


Jenna Beglin
Jenna Beglin

Product Marketing Director, GenAI and Platform, DataRobot

Justin Swansburg
Justin Swansburg

VP, Data Science & Professional Services, DataRobot

Joshua Geron
Joshua Geron

AI Success Director, DataRobot