Problem / Pain

Sending multiple or irrelevant product offers to a customer can cause them to think negatively about your company. Additionally, research shows that providing more choices can lower a customer’s satisfaction and make them less likely to purchase. Marketers need a way to determine when and how to contact customers so that they avoid spamming and improve product offerings.


Machine learning algorithms determine the right product to recommend to each customer based on past purchase behavior, resulting in better ROI, increased customer satisfaction, higher brand value, and more sales.

Why DataRobot

Next best offer models need to capture a lot of data, making them complex and time-consuming to build. With DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform, next best offer models can be built with one click.

What people say

"“Data-driven marketing communications result in subscribers receiving fewer, better-targeted emails which strengthen relationships between DR Koncerthuset and its subscribers.”"

Kim Gregersen, solutions architect at One Marketing