Modeling ICU Occupancy

Use DataRobot to forecast the number of beds needed based on past admission and event data.

Forecasting ICU occupancy means being prepared for incoming patients and not staffing empty beds.


When an ICU hits capacity, due to staffing or bed space, no additional patients can be admitted. The resulting delays and transfers impact the quality of patient care and effect a financial consequence.


Using your historical data, including patient, event, and environmental factors, DataRobot can model likely ICU usage. When you know which current patients are likely to transfer to the ICU, which ICU patients are likely to be discharged, and the number of likely new ER patients, you can better prepare. The result is a bed available for each patient, with accurate staffing levels to ensure each patient gets the care they need and you don’t pay for unnecessary personnel resources.

Why DataRobot

DataRobot can see your entire hospital in an instant and estimate the movements of patients within the hospital to help you prepare for what’s coming.

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