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Optimize your sales efforts by reaching out to prospects who are likely to respond.
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Business Problem

Prospecting is a rigorous process that requires sales reps to identify relevant leads and apply a variety of outreach techniques to garner their interest. Getting a response comes down to a sales rep’s ability to stand out amid all the noise, which prospects are exposed to with the endless marketing emails and messages they receive. A survey conducted by Hubspot revealed that 42% of sales reps struggle with prospecting, compared to 36% for closing and 22% for qualifying. While cold calling has been on the decline over recent years, being outpaced by email and Linkedin, it still proves to be an effective way to immediately get someone’s attention, which is a crucial step in prospecting itself. According to a study by RAIN Group, 57% of C-Level executives still want to be contacted by phone. The problem with cold calling is that they are time-consuming and difficult. The first challenge is getting a response, where sales reps have to power through hundreds of contacts to receive a handful of relevant responses. The second challenge is, when they do get a response, they will have to maneuver through unpredictable and complex conversations.

Intelligent Solution

AI helps your sales reps enhance their call efficiency by predicting which leads in a prospect list are most likely to respond to a cold call. By triaging their leads, sales reps are able to prioritize their time on the leads that matter most. In analyzing patterns between past leads who responded and their associated features, AI also informs sales reps of the top features or reasons why a lead is likely to respond. This allows them to have a deeper understanding of a lead’s motivations and relevant background before stepping into a call, giving them the opportunity to propose a personalized pitch and prepare for potential pitfalls. For your sales leadership, predicting in advance the total amount of leads your sales organization will capture also offers insights into quarterly sales objectives and plans. Instead of assigning arbitrary sales targets that are uncalibrated to activities on the field, your sales leadership will be equipped with the data they need to create realistic and measurable sales targets for each rep.

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