Problem / Pain

Life insurance companies typically do not underwrite customers who have suffered and survived from serious diseases like cancer. Doing so would require a long and expensive medical assessment process.


With DataRobot, a life reinsurer can use medical history and conditions to accurately predict the risk of underwriting a serious disease survivor. The insurer can identify which customers have good health prospects and directly underwrite them without further medical assessment, leading to more customers and reduced medical costs.

Why DataRobot

DataRobot can inspect hundreds of medical variables in a few clicks, automatically identifying simple and powerful rules to segment potentially high-risk patients—those who need further medical assessment.

What people say

"DataRobot had significantly reduced time spent on creating and tuning predictive models. I've been able to become far more productive and get models into service more quickly than ever before. "

Arditto Trianggada, Data Scientist - Traveloka