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Predict in advance which patients are likely to be non-adherent to their medication to intervene and improve adherence.
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Business Problem

Medication adherence has long been known as the elephant in the room. According to the American College of Physicians, only 48 to 66 percent of prescribed medication are picked up by the pharmacy, and only 25 to 30 percent of medications are taken properly. Every year, this leads to 10% of all hospitalizations and a staggering 125,000 deaths (Annals of Internal Medicine). Among the various programs, healthcare organizations send electronic reminders and offer patient assistance programs to help increase medication adherence among their patients or members. While these programs have been shown to help curb the problem, a fundamental challenge clinicians and care managers still face is to identify which members are likely to be nonadherent ahead of time. Without knowing in advance who is at risk, they will inevitably fall short of making sure these patients are targeted for assistance.

Intelligent Solution

With AI, clinicians and care managers have the ability to predict in advance which patients are likely to be nonadherent to their medication. As AI offers statistical explanations to why each patient is likely or unlikely to be adherent, your clinicians can proactively prioritize which patients to contact and how each conversation should be approached. They can tailor their solutions to the unique circumstances of each patient. For example, patients who are challenged with getting access to medication can be enrolled in programs that ease accessibility and offer personalized support. As a result, AI not only helps healthcare organizations maximize the utilization of their care management resources, but it also ensures they will improve their patients’ health outcomes. Not to mention, healthier patients and less admissions will also reduce the overall cost of care.

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