Improve Medical Representatives Performance (i.e. Sellers)

Healthcare Marketing / Sales Increase Revenue Executive Summary
Improve medical rep performance by personalizing approach.
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Business Problem

Medical representatives are beginning to face increased competition despite rapid growth in drug markets. In the U.S. alone, there are over 60,000 pharmaceutical sales reps, a cost of over 10 billion dollars annually to the industry. According to a report from ZS associates, 20% of doctors do not accept visits, and 50% of doctors restrict access. With increasing competition and more restrictions for medical reps, drug companies are struggling to improve overall performance of their reps.

Intelligent Solution

AI will allow your organization to improve performance of your medical representatives. AI will empower your medical representatives to segment medical professionals by drug needs and willingness to try new drugs using historical interaction data. By leveraging the relationship between patient populations, medical needs, and previous interactions, AI will give your medical representatives an intelligent approach to determine the next best action in their sales process. Not only will this increase productivity for your medical representatives, but also improve relationships with medical professionals by personalizing recommendations.

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