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Hospital Readmission Risk

Identify patients at risk of readmission to maximize care and minimize cost.



Why DataRobot

DataRobot makes it easy for hospitals to process extensive patient data and identify at-risk patients before they are discharged.

  • Schedule additional care and follow-ups before a patient is discharged
  • Track readmission risk over time


Once patients leave the hospital, it can be much more difficult to impact their health. Many patients are difficult to contact and even more difficult to influence. At the point of readmission, most likely the patient's health has declined even further.


DataRobot models identify those patients that are likely to return to the hospital—whether due to a physical downturn, abusive relationship, or chronic disease—allowing providers to take action before the patient is discharged. Using patient information like diagnosis, length of stay, previous medical records and admissions, age, and other demographics, DataRobot models help prevent readmission, saving costs and improving quality of treatment.


  • Identification of high-risk patients means lower rates of readmission
  • Better quality of care
  • Lower costs

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