Finding New Oil and Gas Sources

DataRobot can use the many variables and characteristics of your data to predict the most profitable oil and gas wells.

Problem / Pain

The Energy industry wants to have a more complete view of assets. With the current price of oil, companies need to look across and identify those wells that will be the most profitable so that they can allocate assets appropriately. It is this timely and accurate information that is required to deliver shareholder value.


DataRobot combines information from all your applications and repositories, using many variables and attributes, to build extremely accurate predictive models for a project. From these models you can determine which assets are most worthy of further exploration. As a result, you deliver more value to shareholders by leveraging assets effectively and minimizing cost and risk.

Why DataRobot

With the click of a button, DataRobot can build the most accurate model to predict which locations will produce the most crude oil and raw natural gas at the most efficient cost.

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