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Direct Marketing

Use machine learning to target the right leads, the right way. Improve your direct marketing efforts with DataRobot.

Problem: Direct Marketing Is Expensive and Unpredictable 

The Situation: Your company has a great product that your customers love. It’s time to cast a wider net and create an acquisition campaign to find new, loyal customers. 

The Reality: After years of starts and stops, some hits and some near-misses, you have no tried and true method to create an effective, targeted, and sustainable direct marketing campaign. 

Furthermore, mistakes in your direct marketing strategy can hurt your brand, leaving prospects feeling spammed. Knowing the “who, when, and where” of marketing communications is key to improving the returns on your direct marketing campaigns. 

Traditional direct marketing techniques are often not very sophisticated, resulting in low response rates which, in turn, lead to high cost-per-lead acquisition numbers. 

It’s time for a new approach. 

The Empowered Consumer

Take an in-depth look at the real challenges facing the retail sector and how AI can be a game changer in meeting those challenges.

Solution: User-intuitive Machine Learning for Marketers 

According to Marketing Insider Group, the benefits of using AI for direct marketing campaigns are beneficial to your outreach and onboarding initiatives. Marketing teams that adopt and embrace AI have reported improvements in offer personalization, pricing packages that are appropriate for household income, improved customer service lines of communication, and more. 

Target marketing initiatives don’t have to resort to wasteful “spray and pray” methodologies that come back to hurt the brand. Once your company or brand gets tagged as being a spammer, it can take years for a marketing team to improve your reputation. There’s a much better, modern, and sophisticated way to drive direct marketing campaigns. 

It’s time to drive higher ROI with machine learning. Modern algorithms can substantially increase accuracy for determining which prospects should receive your marketing material, yielding higher ROI. 

Why DataRobot: Targeted Marketing Machine Learning 

The DataRobot automated machine learning techniques drive down your cost-per-lead acquisition numbers by communicating with those who actually want to receive your material, saving your company time and money while bolstering your brand. 

AI will also generate the top statistical reasons behind why customers will respond. Your marketing team can adjust outreach by tailoring their message to the unique priorities of each customer, creating target audience batches in the process. This all results in high response rates and deeper customer relationships.

Now is the time to make your marketing campaigns more effective and targeted with automated machine learning. With DataRobot AI, no data science expertise is required. Your team can easily focus on driving direct marketing analytics that improve your company’s bottom line. 

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