Problem / Pain

Capturing greater share of existing client assets, and attracting new clients, continues to be a primary focus of wealth management advisory companies. In today’s always-connected, hypercompetitive financial services environment, developing new investment products that reach and engage new clients is a huge need.


Robo-advisors have expanded the market for portfolio management by providing new clients with the right opportunities to match their risk tolerance and financial profile. DataRobot’s capabilities to rapidly test and deploy predictive algorithms can be used to automatically rebalance portfolios with little human intervention, and help wealth managers match the right customer with the right product.

Why DataRobot

With DataRobot, wealth advisory companies can quickly develop, test, model, and deploy algorithms to assist with portfolio management services as well as help wealth managers prospect for new clients.

What people say

"What DataRobot was able to accomplish in the first hour was more thorough and accurate than models we had built over the prior month. "

Dave Truzinzki, Chief Digital Officer - Crest Financial