Demand Forecasting for Automotive Manufacturers

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Forecast automotive demand in order to optimize inventory.
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Business Problem

The automobile industry is constantly changing. With new developments such as electric and hydrogen cars, manufacturers are struggling to predict demand. According to the Automotive News Data Center, there were 4.2 million unsold cars as of April 2019. Cars unsold leave manufacturers and dealers with significant losses due to the high maintenance costs coupled with the land required to store them. As innovation continues to drive the automobile industry in unprecedented directions, it is becoming increasingly crucial for manufacturers to accurately predict demand.

Intelligent Solution

AI will empower your organization with advanced techniques to accurately predict demand for automobiles. Your organization will be able to leverage AI’s time series forecasting capabilities in order to predict demand based on change in industry landscape and economic conditions. This data will not only allow you to control your manufacturing output to align with demand, but also save costs associated with excess of inventory. In addition, improved capacity management in your organization will carry over to lower costs for consumers, due to decreases in inventory management costs.

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