Use DataRobot to predict the next potential cyber threat

Problem / Pain

In the time it takes to read this paragraph, a nefarious actor can do great harm to the U.S. With intrusive hacking becoming both more sophisticated and widespread, it’s imperative for Federal agencies to collect and use historical data on accounts, machines, and equipment that may have been attacked, in order to predict, identify, and prevent potential new threats.


Using DataRobot, and a dataset containing historical network threats and penetration data, server log data, application logs, and other information sources, a government entity has been able to build, deploy, and refresh models to predict incoming threats in real-time. DataRobot’s speed allows analysts to continually monitor intrusion vectors.

Why DataRobot

Click a button and build accurate models to predict potential intrusions across multiple vulnerability vectors at rapid speed. DataRobot uses a variety of data sources and runs multiple algorithms that allow operators and analysts to identify and take action against potential security threats before they happen

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