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Problem: Federal Agencies Are Targeted in Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is one of the top national security threats  of our time. Cyberattacks occur every day, and the federal government is the biggest target. Adversaries scour your network for opportunities to get inside and exploit your system. Once you’ve been compromised, it is very difficult to know when the adversary is eradicated for your network.  

Unfortunately, the reality is that federal agencies, both domestic (U.S.) and international, are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks due to the vast expanse of their networks. Many have yet to upgrade legacy systems and struggle to fill critical cybersecurity personnel shortages. Utilizing AI to assist in protecting government data can help overcome these cybersecurity gaps.Cyberattacks show no signs of letting up. In fact, they are increasing in volume and sophistication. When federal agencies collect historical data on accounts, machines, and equipment that may have been attacked, DataRobot can use this data to train models to predict, identify, and prevent potential new threats. Incorporating AI for cybersecurity can prevent future attacks and reduce the human hours in future forensics.

Solution: Cybersecurity Machine Learning that Works Fast  

AI for cybersecurity with DataRobot allows agency analysts to quickly identify and continually monitor intrusion vectors. 

Using DataRobot, and a dataset containing historical network threats and penetration data, server log data, application logs, and other information sources, government entities have been able to build, deploy, and refresh models that predict previously unseen and unknown threats in real time. The models train on historical information, enabling them to infer or predict future patterns without previously seeing the incoming data.

It is improbable to track every threat. With DataRobot, agencies can minimize the likelihood of missing the never-before-seen activity.

Why DataRobot? Accurate AI Modeling that Reduces Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Everyday agencies receive notice of new vulnerabilities that put national security at risk of exploitation by foreign adversaries. All the vulnerabilities are listed as critical and the workforce is overwhelmed and unable to patch systems in a timely manner. Is every vulnerability mission critical? Are some systems and applications more important than others? Does the current patching process take into account the network design, topology, and purpose of the digital domain?

AI with DataRobot allows you to build accurate models to predict higher risk vulnerabilities to optimize the patching process. DataRobot uses your asset management, topology, and current vulnerabilities to train models to predict how to optimize agency vulnerability management and reduce risk. 

Are you ready to reduce risk and optimize your workforce for cybersecurity? Contact DataRobot today for AI-based cybersecurity solutions.

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