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DataRobot awarded prestigious status

"AWS Machine Learning Competency"

Credit Card Fraudulent Transactions

DataRobot predicts which credit card transactions are most likely fraudulent based on transaction characteristics.


Financial Services

Why DataRobot

Automate building an accurate model to predict the likelihood that a financial transaction is fraudulent. With the results you can create a rank-ordered queue of transactions for fraud units to investigate.

  • Identify possible fraudulent credit card transactions
  • Prioritize results for fraud units to investigate further
  • Don’t waste expense dollars investigating valid transactions


Fraudulent transactions are costly, but it is too expensive and inefficient to investigate every transaction for fraud. Even if possible, investigating innocent customers could prove to be a very poor customer experience, leading some clients to leave the business.


Using DataRobot, you can automatically build extremely accurate predictive models to identify and prioritize likely fraudulent activity. Fraud units can then create a data-based queue, investigating only those incidents likely to require it. The resulting benefits are two-fold. First, your resources are deployed where you will see the greatest return on your investigative investment. Additionally, you optimize customer satisfaction by protecting their accounts and not challenging innocent transactions.


  • Identify fraudulent financial transactions to save significant company money
  • Optimize the resources needed to investigate fraudulent transactions
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction

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