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AI is helping intelligence agencies identify threats and prevent attacks.
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Problem: Counterterrorism – Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Today’s society produces enormous amounts of data that facilitates commerce and streamlines our way of life. This data also makes it difficult to identify adversaries who hide among the trove of data. The threats are real. The danger is real. Finding the adversary is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. It’s a significant challenge to manage, mine, and identify legitimate threats in the data. 

Isolating, identifying, and preventing terrorism requires access to accurate data. Using AI to apply models based on historical data on terror attacks may help prevent them in the future. AI counterterrorism also saves intelligence and law enforcement time and money, while providing decision advantage in their effort to protect society. 

DataRobot understands the data challenges that intelligence agencies face. We help teams seamlessly integrate AI to identify real threats quickly. 

Solution: Using AI to Keep Up with Counterterrorism Threat Analysis

Information is everywhere today. Agencies are overwhelmed with information that is not always accurate or actionable. Analysts are spending the majority of their time sifting and sorting through information to create actionable intelligence to combat terrorism. Time is of the essence. Speed is critical and can save lives. Through the power of AI, you can rapidly develop and deploy models for analysts to enhance their insight into threats. When agencies embrace and integrate AI into their business process, they can improve productivity and provide decision advantage against today’s threats.

Why DataRobot? Finding Patterns in the Data

DataRobot facilitates the deployment of models to allow you to scour data, identify patterns, and separate false alarms from real threats. DataRobot Automated Machine Learning can help analysts find patterns across fields that weren’t previously evaluated or reduce time in current analysis.

Now more than ever, it is critical that your agency adopt, embrace, and master counterterrorism AI technology. DataRobot can help your teams improve speed and accuracy to provide decision advantage. 

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DataRobot delivers the power of machine learning and AI to the domain experts who need it without needing to learn a programming language or hire cost-prohibitive data scientists. By using AI, agencies can more effectively serve their citizens in important areas such as safety, health, fraud, defense, justice, and public services. Our use case examples in these areas demonstrate the power of the DataRobot AI Platform.