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Improve your user experience by classifying your content under their appropriate topics.
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Business Problem

For media companies, poor content management has a detrimental impact on user experience. Users have the expectation that a website or app will intuitively lead them to the content they are searching for, and misclassifying content will prohibit them from doing just that. In addition, it has become increasingly difficult for the human eye to spot key trends across the tremendous amounts of content being generated on a daily basis. Both of these challenges currently require heaps of human annotators or analysts, but such solutions are unsustainable in the long run as content is ever increasing.

Intelligent Solution

AI helps you improve your user experience by classifying your content under their appropriate topics. AI can bucket content to up to 99 distinct categories, which can be based on predefined categories or topics your publishers have identified as key segments. Unlike existing solutions, AI is both fast and accurate. It is able to classify content in a fraction of the time and is able to do so with a reported 95% accuracy from one US firm. Text mining also allows you to discover the top trends or topics that exist not only among your content, but also among the conversations you have with users both in-app and on social media. This enables you to have a granular understanding of the content that customers like and dislike, and offers insight on ideas you should add to your content pipeline based on what’s trending.

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