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DataRobot awarded prestigious status

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Claim Payment Automation Modeling

Use DataRobot to predict which claims should be auto-paid based on claim characteristics at the time of filing.


P&C Insurance

Why DataRobot

Click a button and build the most accurate model to predict whether manual claim inspection will lead to savings.

  • Determine which claims to manually inspect and which to autopay
  • Increase customer satisfaction (and retention) by auto-paying claims that are unlikely to change after manual inspection

  • Optimize the number of needed claims adjusters


Many insurance claims require manual inspection to assess the damage, leading to a long wait for pay out. This can cause claim amounts to spike out of control as well as result in a significant drop in customer satisfaction and potential decrease in retention rates.


Determine which claims need to be manually inspected using DataRobot to automatically build extremely accurate predictive models. By autopaying claims when manual inspection provides little or no value, you can close claims more quickly--driving costs down and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Shorten open claim time, leading to a decrease in ultimate claim amounts
  • Increase retention rates
  • Increase customer satisfaction and net promoter scores
  • Team growth

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