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Benefits to Software Developers

An Enterprise Solution for Enterprise Applications

AI and machine learning can take your software applications, and your career as an AI Engineer, to the next level. But with the pressure you’re under to develop and modify the software applications that drive your business, there’s little time to get the training and support you need. With DataRobot you can easily build and compare machine learning models, and embed your chosen model in a variety of ways – all with Enterprise-grade stability and scalability.

An Enterprise Solution for Enterprise Applications
Create great models with little effort

Create great models with little effort

DataRobot is the fastest way to acquire data science capabilities and professional-grade machine learning. Just a few lines of code harnesses the full power of DataRobot to build and test hundreds of solutions that combine expert-level data preparation with the latest and greatest open source algorithms from R, Python, Spark, H20, TensorFlow, and more.

Find the right solution easily

Find the right solution easily

Our Python and R APIs give you complete transparency into the model building process. You can easily compare solutions for model accuracy, prediction speed, and simplicity to help you decide which one is the best fit for your use case. You can also use our industry-leading GUI to explore your data and models in as much detail as you'd like.

Embed machine learning

Embed machine learning

Any model built in DataRobot is production ready. With DataRobot's RESTful API, you can operationalize machine learning models with just a few lines of code, regardless of whether you need real-time predictions, batch deployments, or scoring on Hadoop. You can also download models coded in Python or Java to insert directly into your applications.

Scale analytics with confidence

Scale analytics with confidence

Fortune 500 companies from all industries rely on DataRobot’s powerful API to integrate machine learning capabilities seamlessly inside of their existing systems, including ERP, CRM, and other Enterprise applications. Our highly-extensible platform maintains the high standards you’ve set for scalability, reliability, performance, and security.

  • "DataRobot's platform makes my work exciting, my job fun, and the results more accurate and timely -- it's almost like magic!"

    Omair Tariq
    Omair Tariq

    Data Analyst, Symphony Post Acute Network


Take your data science skills and education to the next level, with DataRobot University. Enroll in one of our programs for software engineers and see how automated machine learning can make you more efficient and more effective at your work.

DataRobot University - Software Engineers Program

Advanced DataRobot with Python Certification

two day course

Appropriate forgraduates of DataRobot Essentials or DataRobot for Data Scientists who program in Python.

Get the best machine learning results using advanced feature engineering and model tuning. Review the powerful pandas data preparation package, and learn to integrate advanced modeling and predictions into an automated workflow with the DataRobot API. DataRobot Essentials or DataRobot for Data Scientists and prior experience with Python required.

Course outline

1. Data Preparation in Pandas

  • Exploratory analysis
  • Data cleaning
  • Data visualization
  • Table merges
  • Feature engineering

2. Advanced Techniques in DataRobot

  • Metric selection
  • Automated feature engineering
  • Creating feature lists
  • Advanced tuning

3. DataRobot API

  • Creating projects
  • Defining feature lists
  • Monitoring
  • Calling predictions
  • Pipeline automation

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