Data Scientists

Comprehensive capabilities and resources built specifically for data scientists, by data scientists. Extending the power of DataRobot AI Cloud for expert data scientists that love to code.


Empowering Data Scientists to Accelerate AI Delivery

DataRobot is purpose-built to help the most highly trained, specialized members of your team deliver even greater impact for the business, curated from the collective knowledge of DataRobot’s team of over 300 in-house data scientists.


DataRobot brings together purpose-built DataRobot AI Cloud capabilities designed for expert data scientists with a community-driven collection of specialized resources, education, accelerators, integrations, and peer networking opportunities designed for data scientists, by data scientists.

DataRobot Includes:

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Comprehensive capabilities built for the unique needs and skills of data scientists, designed to accelerate the delivery of AI to production while enabling data scientists to build with flexibility and control.

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A complete set of resources to help data scientists move with greater velocity while making the biggest impact with AI. Access a vast library of tools, accelerators, and third-party integrations to accelerate your delivery of AI to production.

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Access to the unique expertise of DataRobot’s team of data scientists; insights from data scientists with real-world experience in deploying AI to solve the most ambitious business challenges.

Putting the Science Back in Data Science

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For Data Scientists, By Data Scientists

Designed for how data scientists work and built to empower them to best deliver impact for the business. Combined with essential tools and solutions, best practices, and continuous education to support teams in this rapidly evolving AI landscape.

  • Flexibility and Control

    Build with your preferred tools and languages. Access powerful, code-first notebooks with support for Python, R, Scala, Spark, and SQL. Innovate and experiment fast, while taking advantage of the power of the DataRobot AI Cloud platform and focusing on delivering unique insights from any data.

  • Efficiency and Focus

    Enable data scientists to focus on key strategic initiatives, eliminating the distractions and time commitments of low-level details. Focus on data science, not deploying and managing infrastructure. Deliver AI projects with increased velocity by infusing automation into key tasks and driving insights that create business impact.

  • Collaboration

    Data science is a team sport, and collaboration is at the core of any great team. DataRobot Core allows you to code your notebooks quickly and collaborate and share projects and insights among both your colleagues within your data science team and your business partners. DataRobot notebooks also allow you to deploy, publish, and share insights with stakeholders across your organization.

  • Single Platform

    Bring new levels of efficiency and power to data scientists on the fully unified DataRobot AI Cloud platform. Quickly share and hand off projects between teams, and easily access capabilities for centralized management and monitoring, compliance, and continuous optimization.


Enable data scientists to focus on key strategic initiatives and eliminate tactical distractions. Increase velocity for key tasks with a wide range of data engineering best practices—automated with custom-coded pipelines.

  • Feature Discovery
  • Time Series Feature Derivation
  • Automated Data Prep
  • Data Prep Pipelines
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Develop accurate models in a fraction of the time with full customization and flexibility to experiment.

  • Diverse data and problem types: visual, text, time series, geospatial, anomaly detection, segmentation, clustering, multi-labeling
  • Experiment management and tracking with full control, guardrails, and agnostic visualizations, including leaderboard, partitioning, target leakage detection, hyperparameter tuning, feature effect, prediction explanation, and more
  • 200+ transformers and estimators, available out-of-the-box, to compose your own training pipeline. Define additional algorithms using Python or R
  • Managed notebooks with scalable compute and job scheduling, enhanced with embedded visualizations and strong collaboration capabilities
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Deploy and Operate

One-click, flexible deployment to the environment of your choice, along with lifecycle management and retraining.

  • One-click deployment to the environment of your choice: Managed AI Cloud, On-Premise AI Cluster, Private AI Cloud, Hybrid AI Cloud
  • Flexible consumption and deployment options REST API, writeback, batch, and applications
  • Centralized monitoring, management, governance, and alerting for models deployed anywhere
  • Continuous AI framework with automated retraining, challenger models, and model comparison
  • Automatic compliance documentation and project reports

Education and Resources

We pulled together everything that is core to data science experts:

A vast library of tools, accelerators, and third-party integrations to accelerate your delivery of AI to production. Expert-level curriculum from DataRobot University delivers continuous education and skills development to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

DataRobot University

In this rapidly evolving market, continuous education is paramount. Our extensive curriculum tailored for expert-level data scientists keeps them at the forefront of their industry through a range of sophisticated and multidisciplinary learning paths, labs, and training sessions.

  • Advanced education tailored for expert data scientists
  • Combining short format, self-learning, and hands-on labs and speciality skills development
  • Focus on enhancing skills to drive impact across the AI platform


Access the unique expertise of DataRobot’s team of data scientists and gain insights from experts with real-world experience to solve your most ambitious business challenges. The community is a robust and active destination of data scientists with thousands of members engaged on a weekly basis.

  • Crowdsource answers and share best practices among Data Scientist peers
  • Network with other Data Scientists and DataRobot subject matter experts
  • Start or join discussions and get answers fast
  • Explore helpful tips & troubleshooting


Detailed documentation brings insights for how to apply your data science expertise to DataRobot AI Cloud while unlocking the unique capabilities and advanced options found only in DataRobot.

  • Docs for code-based DataRobot use
  • Short tutorials for modeling success
  • Docs for DataRobot notebooks
  • DataRobot-specific terms defined
We have over 200 data scientists and 84.51 is invested in a function that is really there to serve our data scientists.
Brad Boehmke

Director of Data Science, 84.51° (Kroger)

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