White Paper

The 8 Core Activities for Automated Data Preparation and Machine Learning

Are you looking to get the most out of your dataset when it comes to predictive insights? The quality of predictive output relies on the quality of data input — good and clean data in leads to more accurate insights out. That’s why proper data preparation is such a critical success factor for achieving optimal machine learning results. The iterative process of preparing data for automated machine learning is both an art and a science.

With the advent of self-service analytics for the masses, business professionals can now leverage automated data preparation and machine learning to perform predictive analytics more quickly and get to impactful insights in less time.

This eBook covers:

  • The 8 essential activities that enable business analysts to quickly develop and deploy high-quality predictive models
  • How Trifacta and DataRobot empower business professionals with a self-service and automated approach to deploy machine learning applications
  • The solution that organizations can implement to bring automated data preparation and machine learning into their business