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End-to-End AI: The Complete Guide to the DataRobot AI Platform

Organizations that are AI leaders generate five times the amount of ROI over firms that are further behind on their AI journey. To produce those kinds of yields, companies need to adopt an end-to-end AI solution that is a single ecosystem rather than separate tools that were never designed to work together.

In this ebook, we look at the DataRobot AI Platform enables you to run in a true multi-cloud environment and why that frees you from vendor lock-in—a key differentiator in the AI market. We will also cover important features to look for, including how to set up your organization for success in AI, as well as the importance of automation, data preparation, and MLOps.

Download this ebook to learn how an end-to-end platform delivers AI success:

  • Taking you from data to value much more easily
  • Allowing you to train and replace models more seamlessly as data and requirements shift
  • Streamlining your tech stack and standardizing processes
  • Increasing AI adoption across your enterprise
  • Simplifying life for your IT department
The speed of the platform is its strength where it can generate results in less than an hour, instead of a few days.
Kwek Ee Ling
Kwek Ee Ling

Actuarial Senior Manager, NTUC Income

Model deployment in our legacy environment was complicated and it could take us three to four months to complete the transition. With DataRobot model deployment is trivial and can be achieved in a few mouse clicks.
Andrew Cathie

Head of Data Science, Harmoney

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