The Economic Benefits of DataRobot AI Cloud BKG
Industry Analyst Report

The Economic Benefits of DataRobot AI Platform

In today’s changing economy, data and analytics leaders need to shorten time to insight (TTI), improve the quality of business intelligence produced, and provide operational efficiency at scale. To achieve these goals, data science teams need to effectively scale output with an efficient AI/ML operation.

ESG interviewed global organizations about the economic impact of the DataRobot AI Platform and found that it could provide a 3.5x to 4.6x ROI, at up to 5x lower cost, while delivering the required capabilities up to 10x faster.

The Economic Benefits of DataRobot AI Platform highlights:

  • 83% faster operationalization of models
  • 93% faster propagation of analytics capabilities to new areas across the organization
  • 75% to 80% cost savings, compared to using existing resources or building new teams

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