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AI Thought Leadership Digest, Q3 2021

From Early Education to AI: How Technology Changes Lives

How many people miss out on opportunities in life because they lack access to opportunities and technology? Some have faced closed doors to education, others aren’t tapped into the right networks, and still other individuals are denied opportunities or promotions due to racial or gender discrimation or historical bias. In this Quarterly AI Thought Leadership Digest, you’ll hear inspirational stories detailing how technology experts overcame challenges to get their first big breaks and how thought leaders are proactively helping others throw their hats into the AI arena.

Download this piece of content to learn about:

  • How knocking on doors can lead to what you’ve been asking for
  • The ways tech leaders are addressing the important issue of bias and fairness
  • How media innovators are taking the arts and humanities into the age of AI
  • How one teacher or mentor can change a life forever
  • The ways AI can drive business growth and build differentiation