10 Key Considerations for Generative AI in Production BKG
White Paper

10 Key Considerations for Generative AI in Production

Organizations are charging ahead to explore and harness the power of generative AI. But as with any other technology in its relative infancy, there are a lot of unknowns. Which generative AI model suits your needs? Which vector database do you use? Which use cases do you pursue?

This technological “Wild West” leads to a lot of experimentation and discovery. These circumstances create the ultimate breeding ground for procedural, technological, and organizational chaos. Teams are exploring new infrastructure. Users new to AI are experimenting with generative AI applications. A myriad of models go through testing and business validation. All of this “AI sprawl” has the potential to overwhelm operations teams.

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  • The major risks and considerations associated with deployment and management of generative AI solutions in production
  • How to maintain full visibility and oversight across your AI landscape