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Transforming Children’s Healthcare Services at Phoenix Children’s

Session Replay from DataRobot AIX 22

One of the largest pediatric health systems in the U.S., Phoenix Children’s is transforming how clinicians harness data to drive action. As a leading light in the healthcare sector, Phoenix Children’s provides primary care, specialists, and hospital care for pediatric patients.

The health system has many DataRobot models in production. Today Phoenix Children’s is predicting whether admitted children are suffering from underlying malnutrition, predicting emergency room arrivals, and predicting appointment attendance, taking targeted action where there is risk of non-attendance).

Phoenix Children’s Chief Innovation Officer David Higginson shares how clinical and operational teams have transformed service delivery through harnessing DataRobot AI Cloud for Healthcare.


David Higginson
David Higginson

Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer at Phoenix Children's

Rob O'Neill
Rob O'Neill

Healthcare Field CTO, DataRobot

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