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Enterprise Ready AI: Managing Governance and Risk

Even the safest roads have guardrails to keep drivers from falling off the edge. It’s the same with machine learning. A well-designed model, coupled with proper governance, can help prevent unintended outcomes. You need a good mix of people, processes, and technologies to minimize risks when managing your AI projects.

In this session, Ted Kwartler provides some strategies for building good governance processes and tips for monitoring your AI system. He’ll show you how to get started by creating a plan for governance, identifying your existing resources, and where to ask for help.

Watch this session to learn:

  • The importance of context, operations, and development in ML governance.
  • How to evaluate diverse types of risk.
  • Which industries are experiencing regulatory pressure.
  • Tips to deliver value and reduce risk using DataRobot’s technology.


Ted Kwartler
Ted Kwartler

Field CTO, DataRobot

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