Opening Keynote Trust in AI is not a feature its a requirement BKG V2

Opening Keynote: Trust in AI is not a feature, it’s a requirement

Do you trust your AI? As businesses increasingly rely on AI to make predictions—sometimes with life or death outcomes—it’s essential that those forecasts are accurate and credible. And there are many ways an AI system can go wrong: inaccuracy, overconfidence, bias, and privacy concerns.

To be a true AI-driven enterprise, businesses must take action to ensure the accuracy of their machine learning models. Trust is no longer a feature, but a requirement for any AI.

Watch this session to:

  • Understand what “trust” in AI really means
  • Define the pillars of Trusted AI
  • Learn how you can increase trust in your AI


Ted Kwartler
Ted Kwartler

Field CTO, DataRobot