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DataRobot Vision 2021

The Future of DataRobot and Enterprise AI

In 2021, a coherent AI strategy is crucial for transformational growth. In fact, surveys have shown that companies that invested in AI witnessed an incredible 5x ROI. Despite these returns, so many organizations are struggling to find AI success.

In this forward-looking session, learn how DataRobot is helping organizations generate more predictable and reliable forecasts and get a sneak peek at the new features that will give you the edge in a fierce, data-driven marketplace. You’ll also hear how our customers unleashed unimaginable growth when they stopped simply experimenting with AI and embraced the power of enterprise AI for their business.

Watch this session to:

  • Explore how AI can jumpstart your organization’s potential
  • Get an insider’s perspective on new product innovations
  • Learn how others overcame organizational hurdles to find AI success


Nenshad Bardoliwalla
Nenshad Bardoliwalla

Chief Product Officer, DataRobot

Richard Tomlinson
Richard Tomlinson

Sr Director, Product Marketing, DataRobot