DataRobot AI ML for Marketing A Symphony of Effective Communication Background V2.0

AI & ML for Marketing: A Symphony of Effective Communication

When it comes to marketing, understanding the real-life complexities of consumer behavior gives companies an edge in the marketplace. DataRobot’s AutoML improves the speed at which organizations gather these crucial insights with great accuracy. This leads to better engagement and increased sales—all while lowering costs.

This is exactly why One Prediction, a cloud solution for marketing personalization, uses DataRobot. In this video, we’ll explore how One Prediction helps the Danish Radio Concert Hall—home to over 400 concerts and events a year—ensure relevance and value for all their audience segments. You’ll also see how they apply AI to content recommendations and response predictions on web, email, and social media initiatives for increased customer engagement.

Watch this video to:

  • Understand the importance of using AI versus conventional rule-based segmentation and communication.
  • See how AI creates a continuously evolving cognitive profile that's based on an individual's true preferences.
  • Create different models to predict different consumer actions in order to make better business decisions.


Olivier Poivey
Olivier Poivey

Co-founder & CEO, One Prediction

Kim Gregersen
Kim Gregersen

Co-founder & CPO, One Prediction

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